Advanced Diagnostics has attributed much of its success to their loyal clients.
Here’re some our clients’ valuable comments:

Outstanding service by Advanced Diagnostics - an organization with the ability to support any level of recommended service by Lexus manufacturer.
James Grensted, Foster City - Mazda RX-7/Lexus
Julio has a high level of integrity and he thinks with the end in mind. He gets the job done right the first time. Thanks for being my co-worker Julio, and together with Yustina for being my friends.
Curtis Cahill - Service Director, Ron Price Motors Dealership, So. S.F.
Julio & Yustina are the most honest, helpful and knowledgeable professionals I have ever met. Julio, a Mazda specialist, is a perfectionist at everything he does. The engine he replaced in 2004 has been running beautifully!
Anita Anderson, Alameda - Mazda
Even though we moved to Southern California, we still take our cars to Advanced Diagnostics. Our LandCruiser has 210,000 miles and thanks to Julio, we believe we can easily reach 500,000! Julio has a love for his craft that results in minimal problems: he anticipates issues, uses quality parts and performs repairs that last. We’re loyal customers.
Bob & Melinda Kroon, Redondo Beach, CA - Toyota/Lexus
I am so confident that Julio provides the Best service that I do not mind driving the 30 miles each way to have my car serviced there.
Kevin Weber – Executive Chef/Director: Cliff House Restaurant, San Francisco - VW/Honda
Julio was my mechanic at the Subaru dealer where I bought my car, and though I live in S.F., I always drive down to Belmont for any service or repairs. As a master technician, Julio is knowledgeable, efficient, honest, neat and reliable, and together with his wife they run the cleanest shop anywhere.
Jo Kennedy, San Francisco - Subaru
Going to Advanced Diagnostics is like visiting family. The service is personable, as well as professional and efficient. Thank you Yustina & Julio.
Helen Aragoni, Moss Beach - Toyota/VW/Mercedes/Subaru/Honda
I have found Advanced Diagnostics to be unique among automotive repair facilities. Their professionalism and attention to customer service is unsurpassed. I can’t say enough! I would not take my cars anywhere else.
Gene Chasey, San Carlos - Mazda/Honda
Being particular about my car, it has taken me years to find a mechanic who is honest, meticulous and has given me service that has been unsurpassed.
Marlene Morrow, San Mateo - BMW
I came to Advanced Diagnostics without any referral. I found the service exceptional and the operation in a business-like fashion, along with neat premises. I have recommended this shop to four others; they too continue their patronage as satisfied customers.
John Harrington, San Mateo - Lexus/Toyota/Ford-Thunderbird
Yustina & Julio make you feel like they care about your safety first. This is my first experience with a mechanic that did not leave me wondering wheatear or not I had just been cheated. Their care and knowledge of my Subaru lets me feel as if I can trust that my car stays in the best possible shape. I will never go anywhere else again!
Anonymous, San Francisco - Subaru
I am so thankful to have found Advanced Diagnostics! Julio and his wife are both such honest and dependable people who have become personal friends. I wish I could take them wherever I go. Julio is amazingly knowledgeable and can figure out problems, even with minimal information! I wish all mechanics were like Julio.
Aimee Lilles, San Mateo - Acura/Nissan/Mazda RX-8
Although, I have only been a customer of your since May 2006, I find you to be a trustworthy and dependable mechanic. You and your wife are very pleasant. The appearance of your shop being immaculate had impressed me, the first time I came to you. I am truly fortunate that my former mechanic referred me to Advanced Diagnostics when he moved out of the area.
Roy Franchini, a pleased customer, San Carlos - Acura/Chevrolet/Nissan
Julio is talented and very trustworthy with whom I used to work at Ron Price dealership. He has saved me hundreds of dollars by repairing instead of replacing! And Yustina makes every visit a pleasure, making you feel “at home.”
Jane Deovlet, Pacifica - Mercedes
Advanced Diagnostics has the best customer service of any automotive repair facility I have ever been to. Julio and Yustina are the nicest and most ethical people I’ve met in this industry. I will continue to be a loyal customer, as well as a very satisfied one!
Ann Garcia, Daly City - Honda/Dodge
It is so nice to have an honest repair shop. I know my car is in good hands and I will not have any unnecessary work done. Julio and Yustina take good care of my car needs.
Linda Spikes, Belmont - Toyota/Nissan Z
Excellence in Automotive Service by a technician who loves his work and cares passionately about cars. I can proudly say to anyone “my great mechanic.”
Frederick Jones - enthusiastic client, Pacifica - Honda/Toyota
I have relied on the excellent service from Advanced Diagnostics since May 2005. They possess three values I highly appreciate: skillfulness, dependability and honesty.
Shane, San Carlos - Subaru/Toyota
I have tried a lot of automotive shops, and by far Advanced Diagnostics is the best place to service my family’s cars. Julio and Yustina are a great team. Julio’s technical skills are outstanding, and I do really trust his work.
Don Hechler (mechanic) San Carlos - GMC/Toyota/Pontiac/Honda-Hybrid
Conscientious and reliable service, with a friendly attitude.
Michael, Oracle Campus, Belmont - Subaru
Advanced Diagnostics’ good work has kept my 15-year old car running reliably.
Jackie L., Burlingame - Mazda
Julio is an excellent mechanic! I would usually buy a new car every 3 years, but since Julio keeps my car running so well, I don’t need a new one!
Karen Kelly, Burlingame - BMW
I want to thank you both for the excellent automotive service you have provided at Advanced Diagnostics. Your service is thorough and completed in a timely manner. My wife, Evelyn and I have no hesitation to recommend your services to others.
Mark Talsma, San Carlos - Lexus/Toyota
Julio & Yustina run a first class service-driven business. We have been completely satisfied with the quality of service and whole-heartedly recommend Advanced Diagnostics. We have even continued to bring our vehicle for service after moving out of the area!
Deborah & Steven Toth, Sebastopol CA - Ford
Yustina & Julio always it’s been a pleasure to have as professionals for our car. I always enjoy seeing them both. Julio is great at his work, and fair in his prices. Highly recommended!
The Goodmans, San Francisco - VW
I am very happy with the service I’m receiving at Advanced Diagnostics. I appreciate Julio’s expertise and honesty. Yustina and Julio do an excellent job taking care of their customers and their vehicles. They truly care about the work they do, and it shows!
Elizabeth, San Jose - Honda
I am a very satisfied customer with the work performed by Julio. My husband and I were extremely impressed with that clean facility. We highly recommend Advanced Diagnostics and their exceptional service.
Filomena Rockwell, Redwood City - Sterling/Dodge
Advanced Diagnostics provides reliability, trustworthiness and the finest car care.
Joan K., Foster City - Subaru
Have used Advanced Diagnostics since 2004, and service has been excellent. The best service, and on time as promised.
Albert Guidi, Palo Alto - Honda/Ford/GMC