Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance is less costly — than unexpected Repairs

The most common “wear & tear items” recommended at intervals (time or mileage)

Battery: supplies power to start the engine and to operate any additional electrical accessories.

Full cranking power is required to avoid a break-down or a failure to start the vehicle

Drive Belt: a broken belt leads to a power loss, steering-wheel resistance and water pump issues causing a potential engine overheating. It needs to be replaced when it’s cracked, brittle or squeaks

Brakes: the single most important safety system. Brake wear is influenced by driving habits/type, load, traffic and terrain. Signs of brake wear include: grinding, chirping, squealing or difficulties stooping. A brake inspection for proper operation and safety is always part of our Maintenance Services

Engine Oil: changed routinely will drastically extend the life of the engine! Full synthetic oil in particular, is less likely to degrade when engine’s temperature gets excessively hot or cold

Filters: collect dust, pollen and capture other pollutants supplying fresh air, preventing allergies and improving performance

Fluids: like Brake, A/T, P/S, Coolant etc. lubricate and protect operation of important components. Not changing them periodically or using the wrong generic fluids will influence major mechanisms and lead to premature engine or transmission failure, consequently decreasing the vehicle’s life span

Hoses: transport vital fluids and need to replaced when cracked, leak or brittle. A blown hose can lead to engine damage from overheating

Spark Plugs: faulty spark plugs can cause engine misfire, starting issues, reduce fuel efficiency, fail the smog-test or even cause a breakdown

Shocks/Struts: play role in safety, efficiency, stability and breaking. Shocks also contribute to a smother ride, improve your fuel mileage and extend life of the tires! Signs of wear: steering-wheel vibration, bouncing/swaying while braking, longer stopping distance, changes in fuel consumption or unusual tire wear

Timing Belt: the most critical and preventive service!
It is the engines’ main component synchronizing the mechanism and allowing the engine to run. This belt is inaccessible to inspect, and since it’s made out of rubber, it has a life span designed by your manufacturer. This belt can snap and brake causing a potential severe damage to the engine without any warning!!! Therefore, the belt must be replaced at the scheduled interval to avoid costly repairs and a significant inconvenience.

Tires: are very critical to ensure your safety. Also, the fuel mileage is often impacted. Maintaining tires can ultimately save you money, fuel and avoid the unexpected and potentially catastrophic failure. Tires need to be properly inflated, balanced and regularly rotated

Our Top concern is: your Safety — Our reward is: your Trust