Manufacturer Scheduled Services

Proper maintenance and a careful repair is paramount to your safety and the vehicle’s reliability creating great savings in the long run. It will also extend your vehicle’s life, improve fuel efficiency, and add significantly to the car’s resale value as your investment.

Signs of lack of maintenance will manifest in the poor vehicle’s performance, unexpected breakdowns and more frequent or extensive repairs (engine or transmission).

Please Note:
At times, as simple as a routine Oil-change performed by an inexperienced or careless mechanic can lead to disastrous results!

Recommended Services at Scheduled Intervals

Oil Service, Filters, Tire Rotation, Multi-point Inspection, Vital Fluids, Brakes, Spark-plugs

4,000 miles or 4 months
8,000 miles or 8 months
20,000 miles or 24 months


After you purchase your new car at the dealer, your manufacturer requires that you maintain the car in order to retain your warranty. However, manufacturers do not stipulate that you must necessarily take your new car to the dealership, but that you can have it serviced or repaired at “any Service Facility of Your choice” (as specified in your Owner’s Manual).

Advanced Diagnostics is authorized to perform any services and repairs while your new car is still under manufacturer’s warranty (except recalls). Please refer to “Maintenance Providers” in your owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer for more information.