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college educated, factory-trained and dealership experienced who is proficient in newer computer-control technology achieving an advanced level of diagnosis and repair.


familiar with older technology and parts replacement but without diagnostic skills and inadequate understanding of electronics and computers.

Quality = superior performance, longevity & long-term savings

Value = instant gratification but frequent purchases

Quality will ensure your car’s proper operation as intended by your manufacturers. Beware of cheap; it compromises quality and the life’s span of the vehicle.

True savings can only be achieved through an accurate diagnosis and efficient repairs. A regular Maintenance will also minimize the cost of subsequent repairs.
A careful attention to your car malfunction is paramount to your safety on the road. It will also determine the life of your vehicle and preserve the resale value. Frequent and extensive repairs are often the result of lack of Maintenance.
Unfortunately, the most “sophisticated equipment” does not fix many malfunctions. I like to use my brain, follow electrical diagrams and utilize my life-long professional training in order to get to the underlying problem.
These visuals evaluations of the vehicle’s main systems were designed to identify any potential issues at the initial stages, thus prevent the unexpected breakdowns and minimize repairs. Routine inspections are part of our Maintenance Services that can assure the proper operation of your vehicle.
These fundamental services will determine the life-span of your vehicle. Signs of lack of maintenance will manifest in the poor vehicle’s performance and various issues with the engine or transmission.

Oil & Filter change performed by an unexperienced or careless mechanic can lead to devastating results and very costly engine repairs.

No, not exactly, unless you’re in the market of buying a new car every 3-5 years.

  1. These high-performance vehicles tend to burn more oil resulting in a premature engine failure and other issues. Engine-oil breaks down much sooner depending on the engine’s temperature (excessive hot or cold).
  2. The remaining fluids: transmission, brake, differential etc. are preserving all components and changing fluids regularly will determine life of the vehicle!

For the most part, the misleading recommendations by the manufacturer of long-intervals and less consistent maintenance or lack of it, contributes to more accumulative issues, therefore less reliability.

In high-performance vehicles like a BMW, its construction requires to be light (meaning plastic and brittle components which deteriorate faster). Therefore, routine maintenance services are even more crucial!

These are your manufacturer’s recommendations to replace the most common ‘wear and tear” items designed to last for specific intervals (time or mileage) in order to prevent break-downs and extend the life of the vehicle.

  • Vital Fluids & Filters
  • Timing Belt
  • Spark Plugs
  • Brakes


  1. Lower labor-rate & greater value
  2. Significant savings on OEM and equivalent high quality after-market brand names parts (Note: Dealers are required to endorse and use the more expensive manufacturer’s OEM parts only)
  3. Greater selection in parts of countless brands
  4. Careful attention to details inc. monitoring vehicle’s history adding value to vehicle when resold (avoiding duplicate repairs often found at the dealer)
  5. Personal attention (questions and advise particularly, in case of an emergency)

Interview and select your mechanic/technician based on knowledge, experience and trust. Price is always relative to quality, therefore savings are always achieved in the long run.


After you purchase your new car at the dealer, your manufacturer requires that you maintain the car in order to retain your warranty. However, manufacturers do not stipulate that you must necessarily take your new car to the dealership, but that you can have it serviced or repaired at “any Service Facility of Your choice” (as specified in your Owner’s Manual).

Advanced Diagnostics is authorized to perform any services and repairs while your new car is still under manufacturer’s warranty (except recalls). Please refer to “Maintenance Providers” in your owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer for more information.